Exercise Equipment

exercise equipment

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Examples of the Best Exercise Equipment for Home

Rowing Machines

These machines provide a great full-body workout to experienced exercising people. By working both arms and legs, they can match the calorie-burning rate of a treadmill without bearing weight. Unfortunately, they are not the best for a beginner. With improper technique or weak muscles, beginners run the risk of hurting their lower backs. You're going to want some training before jumping onto a rower.

However, if you have the experience, these machines are pretty easy to accommodate in your home. They often fold up and weigh less than 60 lbs so that they can be wheeled out of the way. Plus, they don't require an outlet to run, so you're going to love the power efficiency. 


These gym favorites are low impact alternatives to running that burns almost as many calories. Using the arms is a good way to work the upper body and increase the cardio. Users can usually pick up elliptical training easily. However, this is not the easiest machine to fit into your home. It is one of the largest machines on the market that you can use in a standing position. Most models don't fold up. You'll need a lot of square footage (and a nearby power outlet) to enjoy all the benefits these machines.

But fear not, because there are also smaller versions of the full-sized equipment called mini ellipticals that you can use from your desk. These compact, affordable options should help if you are living in an apartment or don't have a lot of space at home.

Exercise Bikes

If you like the heart-pounding excitement of spin classes, you might want to check out a these bike. These machines burn calories without requiring you to bear your weight. For this reason, exercise bikes are often a good choice for people recovering from injuries or just starting out. Unfortunately, it can be hard to track progress with this machine because it typically doesn't track distance.

Recumbent bikes as alternatives to spin bikes are more comfortable but still provide the same results. These bikes are also a favorite of recovering athletes looking for high performance. 

The larger seat supports the back. Spin bikes require using some core and arm strength to sit upright. My friend that loves spinning got a stress fracture in her hip but was able to return to recumbent biking quickly because it supported her better than a spin bike.

As a piece of fitness equipment, it is one of the larger options and will occupy a lot of square footage.

There are distance tracking gadgets that you can buy to pair with the exercise bikes, though. It's one of the easier pieces of equipment to keep at home because of its small footprint and no power requirements. Exercise bikes don't take up much space. 


Often touted as the cardio machine that burns the most calories and lose the pounds, treadmills can be a great home workout option. From beginner to expert, everyone can get a workout on a treadmill. Features like incline help raise the calorie burning to a high level.

Many treadmills come installed with programs for endurance training. Like ellipticals, treadmills occupy a large amount of floor space. However, some of them fold up and roll away for easier storage. 

Bike Trainers

Dedicated cyclists will enjoy this home exercise option during rain and snow. Bike trainers pair with an existing bike to mimic the outdoor riding experience. The health benefits are similar to a spin bike, but some cyclists prefer to adjust the seat and handlebars of their own racing bike. It's one of the easiest pieces of equipment to keep at home because it's small, light, and a good price compared to the others.


If you're training for a stair climb race, and wanting to lose the pounds, this might be the right choice for you. Steppers mimic the workout of walking or running up stairs. Like treadmills, there are slow and fast settings to accommodate all types of workouts. The notable difference is that steppers tend to be more low impact than treadmills. While steppers don't provide a whole body workout, they can help you increase your heart rate. Though steppers tend to be a big piece of equipment, much like an elliptical, there are mini steppers you can use to get results without taking up too much space. 

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