best intermittent fasting books

The Best Intermittent Fasting Books of 2018

Fasting is not just for religious occasions anymore. Periodic fasting or “intermittent fasting” is becoming a popular way to lose weight. Why is it so popular? Unlike most diets, fasting doesn’t require following rules for weeks on end. Personally, I get exhausted by calorie counting and a lack of sugary treats. However, with fasting, I […]

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The Simple Tool That Can Help Prevent Overeating

EATING INTUITIVELY: HOW TO USE A HUNGER SCALE Many of us might wish our stomachs came with a gauge to alarm us when our tank is full or nearing empty. Wouldn’t it be great if our body told us how many more calories we needed to consume to gain, lose and maintain our weight? It’s […]

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slow carb diet

How to Lose Weight with the Slow-Carb Diet

Last week I ran into an old friend from high school, and it led to one of the most amazing conversations I have had so far this year.I was getting some things in the store when someone I hadn’t recognized locked eyes with me. She suddenly squealed at the top of her lungs (about 3 […]

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best paleo cookbooks

The Best Paleo Cookbooks of 2018

If I asked a room full of people to raise their hands if they had ever heard of the Paleo diet, I guarantee you that almost every single hand in that room would be up in the air. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more people talking about the Paleo diet and the best paleo […]

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Paleo fad diet

Is the Paleo Diet a Fad? Let’s talk about it.

Introduction”Why are you trying to eat like a caveman? Haven’t you evolved?” I got a few comments like this from my husband when I expressed an interest in the Paleo diet. Eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meat seemed like a pretty good diet to me. I had much better energy when going Paleo as compared to […]

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rich people endurance sports

Why Do Rich People Love Endurance Sports?

Brad Stulberg Aug 3, 2017 Cycling, running, and obstacle course racing are dominated by white-collar workers. And while disposable income makes competing more feasible, researchers are also starting to discover a psychological pull that draws these people to masochistic events. Participating in endurance sports requires two main things: lots of time and money. Time because […]

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slow down aging

High-Intensity Workouts Could Slow Down Your Aging

 By Robin Andrews Queen may have melancholically wondered who wants to live forever, but we’re pretty sure there’s a few people out there that actually do. There are a few remarkable lifeforms out there that appear to be able to regenerate their cells Doctor Who-style, meaning they can technically live forever – but this is […]

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unhealthy juice

People think juice is good for them. They’re wrong.

  This juice may taste good, but unlike the fruit, it’s not actually healthy for you. (iStock) Mrs. G. came to our offices for her first visit distraught. Her primary-care doctor had just diagnosed her with diabetes, and she was here for advice. She was shocked by the diagnosis. She had always been overweight and […]

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3 Protein Bars You Can Easily Make at Home

I chose to share this article because I’ve struggled with the same things. You would never chase a workout with a Snickers—not if you’re smart, at least. But if you scan the ingredients of the chocolate–peanut butter protein bar stuck to the inside of your gym bag, you’ll be shocked to discover what it really […]

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get your energy back

How to Get Your Energy Back

The majority of women want more energy. Look at it this way, if you had more energy all these things would improve: your mood, your patience, your ability to run wild with the kiddos, your sleep, your concentration, your sex (you bet we just said that), and your weight. Did you know that over 55% […]

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