exercises for small spaces

The Best Exercises for Small Spaces with No Equipment

How can I get fit at home without equipment? Whether in your hotel room, office cubicle, or your small apartment, trying to get a workout in such a small space may seem like a lost cause. You may not even believe that exercises in these kinds of tight areas can even yield positive results. The […]

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mini elliptical vs mini stepper

Mini Elliptical vs Mini Stepper – Which is Better?

Mini Ellipticals and Mini Steppers were both designed to assist people who want to exercise from home. These kinds of machines are excellent starter machines for people who are new to cardio and are interested in weight loss. Though both types of equipment are portable, easy to store, and relatively inexpensive, they differ when it […]

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best womens workout gloves

The Best Womens Workout Gloves of 2020

Don’t go lifting weights without the best women’s workout gloves.If you have been weightlifting, you already know why you need to get yourself the best women’s workout gloves. This is because routine exercises are bound to cause abrasions, calluses, and blisters on your hands. You, however, can avoid this by equipping yourself with a good gym […]

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The Best Workout Accessories of 2020 – Top Gear

Over time, I have noticed that most people find it hard to keep up with a gym program. Attendance is mostly inconsistent. This mostly happens when the weather is cold, and you end up coiling yourself up on the couch all day. However, if you have the right fitness gear and equipment at your place, you […]

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StairMaster Benefits Revealed

As the StairMaster has been around for a very long time now, you might be wondering whether or not it is still significant as a piece of exercise equipment. Of course, it isn’t an inexpensive machine, but is it worth it in comparison to the other kinds of step machines on the market?  I often wondered […]

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best abdominal exercises

Best Abdominal Exercises with No Equipment

Toned, washboard abs will keep your partner happy and boost your self-confidence with every outfit you put on. So get ready to pull those tight pants out of your dresser, this is the abs workout guide to six-pack abs and a flat, toned core! Table of Contents Abs Exercises No Equipment RequiredReverse Push UpBear Crunch […]

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elliptical vs treadmill

Elliptical vs Treadmill; Which is Better in 2020?

Table of Contents The Benefits of TreadmillsBest Time to Use the TreadmillBenefits of the EllipticalBest Time to Use the EllipticalQuestions If you’re trying to get into shape, you’ve probably wondered about which exercise method is most useful to help you hit your goals. While an elliptical is a suitable piece of equipment for beginner athletes […]

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treadmills for hiit

The Best HIIT Treadmill Workouts

One of the top training trends in the fitness industry these days is High-Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT). Not only can these kinds of workouts be quick and practical, the “high intensity” of these kinds of exercises can also be a unique challenge on a treadmill. There are more than a few different ways that you […]

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kettlebell exercises

The Best Kettlebell Exercises for Building Muscle

Kettlebells go a long way to improve your home gym and make your workouts better. Some even think that kettlebells make your workouts more natural, but that’s not necessarily true. Kettlebells, as an all-in-one fitness tool, offers the highest variety of exercises. They’re also suitable for any athlete, no matter what skill level they’ve achieved. Steve […]

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ellipticals vs steppers

Ellipticals vs. Stair Steppers

Which machine will be best for your needs?The elliptical trainer and the stair stepper are perfect cardio machines for burning calories, improving stamina, and activating the muscles of the lower body. While both devices provide an exceptional workout, there are a few significant differences to consider which device to incorporate into your fitness routine.Does the […]

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