Using A Pedometer To Move More

Most of us live a very sedentary lifestyle. We get up in the morning, grab our coffee and sit down at the table. We get ready for work and sit in a car to get there. We spend the next 8 hours sitting at our desk only to get home and sit down for dinner […]

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running for one hour

Daily Walking Workouts To Get Back in Shape

Are you ready to get back in shape? Or maybe you want to workout and improve your health for the first time. In either scenario, walking workouts are a great choice. They are easy to do. All you need to do is lace up your sneakers and head outside. Start Small And Step It Up in […]

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daily walking workouts

Start Small – Go For A Walk

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to start getting in shape, particularly if you’re just starting out. One of the best ways to get started is simply to walk. For that, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes or sneakers. Let’s take a look at what makes it the perfect way […]

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How to Lose Weight with the Slow-Carb Diet

Last week I ran into an old friend from high school, and it led to one of the most amazing conversations I have had so far this year.I was getting some things in the store when someone I hadn’t recognized locked eyes with me. She suddenly squealed at the top of her lungs (about 3 […]

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paleo cookbooks

The Best Paleo Cookbooks of 2019

Practical Paleo RatingsIf I asked a room full of people to raise their hands if they had ever heard of the Paleo diet, I guarantee you that almost every single hand in that room would be up in the air. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more people talking about the Paleo diet – and for […]

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Paleo fad diet

Is the Paleo Diet a Fad? Let’s talk about it.

Introduction”Why are you trying to eat like a caveman? Haven’t you evolved?” I got a few comments like this from my husband when I expressed an interest in the Paleo diet. Eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meat seemed like a pretty good diet to me. I had much better energy when going Paleo as compared to […]

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rich people endurance sports

Why Do Rich People Love Endurance Sports?

Brad Stulberg Aug 3, 2017 Cycling, running, and obstacle course racing are dominated by white-collar workers. And while disposable income makes competing more feasible, researchers are also starting to discover a psychological pull that draws these people to masochistic events. Participating in endurance sports requires two main things: lots of time and money. Time because […]

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High Rep Training

High Rep Training for Fat Loss – Fitness and Power

You think heavy lifts equal only size and strength gains, while cardio is the ultimate approach to shedding fat? For a long time, cardiovascular training was the go-to option for anyone looking to lose weight, from bodybuilders to beauty models. But modern science pushes us to re-think this approach by repeatedly showing us that the […]

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slow down aging

High-Intensity Workouts Could Slow Down Your Aging

 By Robin Andrews Queen may have melancholically wondered who wants to live forever, but we’re pretty sure there’s a few people out there that actually do. There are a few remarkable lifeforms out there that appear to be able to regenerate their cells Doctor Who-style, meaning they can technically live forever – but this is […]

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gauge your fitness

4 Exercise Tests to Gauge Your Fitness | MyFitnessPal

The beginning of a fitness routine is what stops most people from even trying. When it comes to ways to gauge your fitness, many people worry they’re not in good enough shape to start a serious exercise program. Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, most people are fit enough to do […]

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