Eliminate Bloat & Lose Belly Fat

A No-Nonsense Way to Eliminate Bloat Want to know the science behind a flat belly? Recipes, calorie tracking apps and studies are all presented this nine-minute video with more enthusiasm than I could ever muster. Abby, the host, starts by answering people’s basic questions about “what’s keeping you from having a flat stomach.” Losing belly […]

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make time

How to Find Time to Exercise

cloud-downloadFREE DOWNLOAD: How to Work Out at Home and Get Results in as little as 3 Weeks! Claim your Free Guide Today! Table of Contents Block Out Your Calendar for ExerciseMake Date Night a Night to ExerciseInclude Your Kids in your Exercise! Two Words: Running StrollerMeet up with a BuddyWork as a WorkoutHave No ShameConclusionThere […]

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Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

Need to burn belly fat? Here you go! ​This short video introduces you to three ridiculously exhausting exercises. Minsoo Go, the instructor, demonstrates how to do each exercise and explains different alterations you can do to make it more difficult. She starts with mountain climbers, which involve bringing your knees to your chest (alternating each […]

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HIIT Workouts for Beginners

Introduction to High-Intensity Interval Training Table of Contents Build EnduranceBreathe Easier (When It’s Over)Strengthen Your HeartBurn More Calories (and for Longer)Work out for Less TimeGet the Benefits of Weight and Cardio TogetherBeginner HIIT by Moms Into FitnessHome Workout for Beginners by The Body Coach TVBeginner Workout by Fitness Blender Have you seen the words high-intensity […]

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beginners guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

bookGET YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD: LEARN FASTING PLANS AND HOW TO TRACK YOUR PROGRESS WITH MY INTERMITTENT FASTING BLUEPRINTIntroduction to Intermittent Fasting​Although I have always disliked eating breakfast, I have subscribed to the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” for years…until recently. Over the last three months, I stopped eating breakfast.This wasn’t a crazy […]

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Measure the waist

Burn Belly Fat

Lose Abdominal Fat Burn Belly Fat Question and Answer Losing Belly FatHow Can I Lose Belly Fat?Which Exercises Reduce Belly Fat?What Can You Drink to Lose Belly Fat? Avoiding Sugar and Sugary BeveragesConsume More ProteinCut CarbohydratesEat More FiberAvoid Drinking AlcoholSleepDrink More WaterMeditationVisualization So you’ve been searching around on Google looking for information that will help you […]

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best abdominal exercises

Best Abdominal Exercises with No Equipment Abs

Toned, washboard abs will keep your partner happy and boost your self-confidence with every outfit you put on. So get ready to pull those tight pants out of your dresser, this is the abs workout guide to six-pack abs and a flat, toned core!BulkingMany women can become too concerned with the number they see on […]

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Fun Fitness Moves and Fem-Esteem! | Tiffany Rothe

Check out these fun fitness moves! If you’ve recently had a baby, this video might become your motivation to start working out again. Watching this video feels like talking with your girlfriends. For the first seven minutes, the ladies discuss fitness and how it applies to new mothers. Then, they complete a short workout session. These […]

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7 Exercises For A Flat Stomach At Home

Time to get a flat stomachThis deceptively calm workout will actually make your abs burn. The entire workout is completed laying down, so a mat is helpful. The gorgeous female instructor slowly guides you through different ab exercises. She pays careful attention to each exercise and gives advice on how to do it properly. The […]

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how to lose belly fat the fastest – Latin Dance

​Reduce belly fat with a latin dance aerobic exercisesIf you have ever wanted to be a sexy Latin dancer, this may be the workout for you. This 30-minute video takes viewers through different dance moves. Steps include Samba and the Brazilian march. The video runs through the moves at a pretty rapid pace, so it […]

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