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Female Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

Could you use a little inspiration to kick your fitness and healthy eating plan into high gear? Did 2020 knock you off course from your goals -- or maybe even steamroll them altogether? It's 2021 now, and it's time to kick off your year in the healthiest way possible.

At a time when a lot of us aren't able to run to the gym, it's great to find a little motivation at our fingertips. I can't wait to introduce you to the following 40 fitness influencers. They are going to rock your world! These ladies are not only influencers; they are total boss babes who epitomize strength, beauty, and smarts. I love how these women have taken their passion and developed everything from fitness apps to meal plans, workout plans, fashion lines, podcasts, YouTube channels, and much more. I'm confident you will feel uber-motivated after checking out all of these lovely ladies.

Whitney Simmons

This blonde beauty is a triple threat with her fitness business, skincare, and swimwear lines. You can also find Whitney on her Youtube channel with over two million subscribers or her fitness app called "Alive."

Kelsey Wells

Kelsey's PWR workouts are featured on the SWEAT fitness app. She is a wife, mom, and personal trainer who features her aspirational lifestyle on Instagram with over 2.9 million followers. She encourages women to "screw the scale." Love it!

Jillian Michaels

Do I need to say more than Jillian Michaels? In case you have been living under a rock, she is one of the world's leading fitness experts with her own app, top-rated podcast, and eight New York Times best-selling books. Her app, called "My Fitness," features personal training and nutrition programs in her signature style.

Katie Crewe

Katie is a wife, a new mom, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and nutrition practitioner, a psychology grad, and a health coach. To tap into some of her hard-earned expertise, you can use her online platform at katiecrewe.com.

Hanna Öberg

This beautiful brunette and Swedish triathlete is a Youtube sensation with over 800K followers. She encourages you to own your body and mind with her OWN|U app, which features workouts, recipes, and much more.

Sohee Lee

Sohee simplifies the science of fitness and behavior change for her followers with her online subscription training programs, custom macro programs, webinar, e-books, and more. She is brawn, beauty, and smarts all rolled into one!

Dr. Jen Esquer

Dr. Jen Esquer is an Internationally-renowned Doctor of Physical Therapy. She specializes in helping people overcome chronic pain and maximizing their physical performance. She offers The Optimal Body Membership and The Mobility Program at docjenfit.com. You can also find her on her Youtube channel and The Optimal Body Podcast.

Emily Skye

Emily is an Australian fitness model and mom with her very own fitness empire. She has a podcast called "You Can by Emily Skye," a fitness app entitled Emilyskyefit, and her line of luxury face masks. Does this girl ever sleep?!

Krissy Cela

Krissy started her IG initially to hold herself accountable to her own goals. Her IG has now grown to over 197K followers. She has her podcast called "Doing This For You | Tone & Sculpt." She is a published author and has her fitness app with @danyelwilson called "Tone & Sculpt."

Katie Sonier

Katie's 6-foot tall frame and powerful physique is awe-inspiring. She has a BS in Kinesiology and owns Katie Sonier Gym in Miami. You can train with her via her online training programs for those of us who don't live in Florida.

Randi Vasquez Khataei

Randi has her own inspiring weight loss success story with over 87 pounds lost. Follow along with her as she documents her healthy journey, following a Paleo diet and making small changes.

Nikki Gundy

Nikki calls herself "your best fitness friend." And, I think her 200K followers on IG agree. Nikki offers a "Get On Track 4 Week Challenge" on her website at nikki-gundy.com. This program provides health, fitness, and mindset coaching.

Natacha Oceane

Natacha is a total powerhouse as a Biophysicist from the UK, Iron Man athlete, and sprinter. She has over a million followers on both IG and Youtube. Her website offers training guides, exercise equipment, a clothing line, and recipe guides.

Sierra K. Fit

If you are looking for some beautiful motivation, look no further. Sierra is a gorgeous blonde from Indiana who shares her inspiring physique and workouts with over 140K followers on IG.

Brittne Jackson

Brittne Jackson, the self-professed "Queen of Home Workouts," inspires her followers regularly with her fantastic physique. You can participate in her Total Body Challenge by visiting her website at brittnebabe.com.

Lauren Simpson

Lauren is another fitness influencer taking the world by storm. She is the 2018 WBFF Bikini World Champion and shares all she knows as an online female transformation coach at laurensimpsonfitness.com. There, she offers online fitness programs, supplements, and how-to guides.

Lisa Fiit

Lisa has an app called "Strong and Sxy," and she certainly is the epitome of strong and sexy. She strives to help people change their lives through fitness. She is reaching oodles of women through her Youtube channel and vibrant Facebook community.

McKayla Childs

Expectant mommy, McKayla Childs, is the head trainer at Vasa Fitness. Her inspiring physique and beautiful smile are awesome inspirations for a healthy lifestyle.

Amanda Bisk

Amanda, an exercise physiologist, is a former Australian pole vaulter who offers online programs to get fit, flexible, and strong from your living room. Make sure to check out her impressive handstands, along with her 700k followers, on IG as well!


Sarah, aka the Holistic Health Princess, has over a million followers on IG and Youtube. She is an Aussie holistic health and fitness guru with her activewear line, fitness programs, and podcast. If you feel tired after reading that description, you are not alone. Go, Sarah!

Felicia and Diana

Felicia and Diana are two totally fit sisters from Australia. Their IG feed is beautiful and aspirational. You can work with them via their online fitness platform on strength, circuit-style resistance training, and nutrition.

Hannah Fallis Bronfman

Hannah, a new mommy, represents healthy living at its most beautiful. She is the author of "Do What Feels Good," and the founder of @hbfit which provides all sorts of CBD products like bath bombs, gummies, and oils.

Alexa Jean Hunt

Alexa Jean Hunt is a wife and mama from Arizona with 1.5 million IG followers! She created the fitness app "Bodybylex," in which she offers muscle-specific targeting, healthy meal ideas, and a community of like-minded fitness friends.

Karena and Katrina

Karena and Katrina have turned their friendship into a phenomenal fitness business with their vibrant community of 1.4 million followers, their meal plans, protein powders, books, and fitness gear. They offer an extensive library of free fitness routines on their Tone It Up Youtube channel.

Caitlin Turner

Caitlin is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur with some stunning and scenic yoga pose videos on her feed. She created a digital summit called Your Aligned Purpose, a 3-day weekend of live streaming content to uplift, inspire, and raise your vibes.


NaNa is a mom and trainer who shows women how to be healthy from home. And, couldn't we all use this right now? She offers training videos and e-books on her online platform at healthywithnana.com

Kayla Itsines

This Aussi girl boss has been predicted to have a $1.4 trillion net worth by 2029! She has also been called the world's most influential fitness trainer. Train like this stunning brunette via her co-founded an app called "SWEAT."

Sam James

Sam James shares her enviable physique via IG and Youtube. She has amassed over 500K followers with her vegan lifestyle, workouts, and beauty advice.

Carmen Morgan

From school teacher to fitness influencer, you will love Carmen Morgan's quirky and fun posts about fitness, diet, and lifestyle.

Nude Yoga Girl

Nude Yoga Girl is an aspirational feed with over 1.2 million followers that shows the beauty of the female form in various yoga poses. See just how feminine and beautiful your body can be with a little yoga in your life.

Madalin Giorgetta

Madalin is an Australian health science student with the world's first body-positive health and fitness app called "Work It With MG." On the app, she offers 120 weeks of resistance-based workout programs. You can also follow her on her popular Youtube channel.

Ashleigh Jordan

Ashleigh has a whopping 3.6 million IG followers. And it's no wonder why. She has a top-rated Youtube channel called Ash n Brett in which she shares her life, makeup tutorials, and efficient workout routines and diets. She also owns her own activewear company called NVGTN.

Anna Victoria

This new mom is a fitness trainer with a whopping 1.2 million followers on IG. She is the founder of the fitness app "Fitbodyapp," which offers result-oriented fitness from four different trainers.


Niki is a pre and post-natal fitness specialist who shares both her faith and her fitness journey on IG. On her app, "SugarySixPack" by Niki, she offers quick and effective routines for women pre and post-pregnancy -- or anyone who wants to feel their very best.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy is a fitness pioneer who has helped countless celebrities transform their bodies through the Tracy Anderson Method. This method, which focuses on strengthening the small accessory muscles, promises to deliver the elusive dancer body.

Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen lives in Aruba with her husband and daughter. As a yoga teacher, she owns the largest yoga studio in the Caribbean. She also has a podcast and a book, both entitled Yoga Girl.

Massy Arias

This strong beauty has it all going on as a mom, health coach, and Tru Supplements CEO. You can also follow her on her self-named Youtube channel. Her website at massyarias.com offers awesome workouts and meal plans. Most of all, she believes, "Being healthy really is being happy."

Megan Roup

Megan is the Sculpt Society founder, which offers sculpt and dance cardio workouts, plus yoga, meditation, and stretch classes at thesculptsociety.com. This professional dancer and model is a fave fitness trainer of a few Victoria's Secret models. Need I say more?