online classes for seniors

7 Free Online Classes for Seniors

Current health conditions in the world can make getting out of the house a serious challenge. If you don't feel safe getting out to shop, go to the gym or to church, you may be feeling quite isolated and trapped. The courses listed below may be a good way to maintain a focus on body and brain health until you can safely participate in these activities again.

From the University of Edinburgh - Sit Less, Get Active

Getting active doesn't have to mean going to the gym. If you have stairs in your home or building, you can get moving. If you have a hall and a smart phone, you can find a free pedometer app and get your body moving through space. Determine how many steps it takes to get down the hall, and strive to get between 30 and 60 minutes of walking in each day.

Karolinska Institute - Promotion of Healthy Aging

Just because your life has changed doesn't have to mean that you abandon healthy habits. In fact, you now have time to build more of them! Learn a new recipe or try a different cuisine.

Emory University - Balancing Beyond Calories

We burn fewer calories as we age, but small dietary changes and an increase in activity can reduce the weight gain that many older people struggle with. Learn incremental changes to maintain a healthy weight.

University of Toronto: Managing Your Health: The Role of Physical Therapy and Exercise

Working with a physical therapist is one of the best ways to build good form. With small weights and movements, you can train your body to move properly. Once your form is a habit, you can move to heavier weights.

Imperial College London: Nutrition in Ageing

The key to proper nutrition as we age is to make every calorie count. A healthy diet, loaded with fresh veggies and fruit for vitamins and antioxidants, is a great start. By adding something raw to each meal, you can make a remarkable start on protecting your health.

Emory University: Biohacking Your Brain’s Health

Your diet is about more than food. Taking responsibility for where you apply your brain power means trying puzzles and new experiences to build brain flexibility. Habits are tracks in your brain. If your habits include fear and a focus on the past, you may be limiting new brain growth.

Core Power Yoga

You don't need to be a circus performer to build a healthy yoga habit. Start from a chair, or find a spot against a wall and do standing poses until you're confident that you can get safely onto the floor and back up. Core exercises will protect your spine better than any other practice.