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Assault AirBike Review

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assault airbike

The AirBike is a reliable and sturdy bestseller. With a LifeCORE steel frame, the Assault Airbike bike is designed to provide for all workout levels and intensities. Professional athletes use this model, as well as CrossFit gyms, and the U.S. Government. 

Because of the AirBike's reliable design, it can last through thousands of exercise sessions without requiring a tune-up. Here are some of the other details you should know about the AirBike:

Reviewed Machine: Assault AirBike Classic

Overall Review






  • On some units the saddle becomes loose
  • Competitive warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • Wireless heart rate receiver compatible
  • Can use arm bars alone or combined with pedaling
  • Eight workout programs
  • Infinite resistance levels from 25” steel fan
  • Industrial strength pedal cranks
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat


  • Shipping costs (Depends on where you are)
  • Not foldable or compact
  • The chain can wear out quickly

Product Specifications

My Ratings

For total body training, this is one of the best machines you can get. One of the core features of the Assault Airbike is that it is suitable for any strength level. The air fan resistance system adapts to the amount of force exerted by the user. You can also use your arms to work the system while resting your legs.

They say the US military prefers this fan bike for physical training and it is a favorite for home use. Both kids and adults can benefit from the preset workout programs that come with the AirBike. The console is programmed with a Tabata interval training session and includes data such as your heart rate, calories, distance time. In terms of versatility and performance, this exercise bike is one of the best you can get for under a thousand dollars.

AirBike Features

The main feature of the Assault Fitness AirBike is the fan air resistance system. The 25" fan wheel matches the amount of effort you exert. With solid component all around, including high-quality pedals and materials, you can use this machine for thousands of workout sessions. 

The AirBike has an adjustable seat you can move forward or back, raise or lower. You can also change the angle of the seat, depending on how you’d like to work out.

The AirBike not only works your lower body but keeps your upper body engaged as well. With durable steel handlebars, the AirBike can support your most intense training. As mentioned above, you can work out your arms alone by resting your feet on the pegs next to the flywheel.

The easy-to-use console gives you all the feedback you need to get an effective workout. Not only is there built-in hear monitoring, but the machine is also compatible with the Polar wireless chest straps (sold separately), which can give you more precise data.

You can quickly move the AirBike from one room in your home to another with the build in transport wheels at its base.

AirBike Pros

What makes the Assault Fitness AirBike unique is that it can provide you with a complete CrossFit workout.

With the integrated monitor to track your progress, you will know just how much progress you've made at the end of your workouts. Some of the information it follows includes heart rate, watts of energy produced, calories you've burned, the speed at which you're pedaling, and distance.

The AirBike console is also programmable, allowing you to set goals for intensity and duration. You can customize your workouts as you see fit.

In addition to the technology included in the onboard computer, this fan bike is exceptionally well-built. It has over twenty sealed cartridge bearings to keep your ride smooth. The twenty-five-inch fan gives you all of the resistance you need. And the difficulty of your movements is dependent on how hard you pedal or push/pull with your arms. The seat moves in six different directions to ensure comfort while you exercise.

AirBike Cons

Some AirBike owners have reported issues with the chains. Some have claimed that they can wear out quickly, even fall off. For this reason, you might want to contact the manufacturer for replacements in advance.

Another complaint is that while the handlebar covers provide an excellent grip, they can also absorb sweat that may cause them to smell over time. These issues can likely be remedied with proper cleaning and sanitation, and shouldn't be a big concern.

Assault AirBike vs. Airdyne

schwinn airdyne ad6

Another comparable type of workout equipment is the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike. It works in similarly to the Assault AirBike. To help you make an informed decision before buying, let’s consider how these two pieces of fitness equipment stack up.

At first glance, the Assault AirBike and the Airdyne are almost the same. They both offer infinite resistance, where the pedaling increases in difficulty the harder you cycle. They both have digital lcd screen console featuring six different workout metrics. 

In terms of unique features, the Airdyne Pro has a reading rack, a built-in water bottle holder. You can also purchase a windscreen separately to use with the bike. The Airdyne is also considerably cheaper than the Assault. Because of the price, the Airdyne a more affordable alternative if the AirBike is too expensive for you.

What you lack in cost, you lose in quality. Some people complained the Airdyne Pro is not very durable. Some owners have complained about broken handles, broken belts, pedals wearing out rapidly. Some have reported breakage as soon as the first week after purchase.

The Airdyne console is not programmable, only displaying standard workout data. And the seat doesn't have nearly so many ways you can adjust it. It just can be raised and lowered, but not much else. Check out more of my reviews of exercise bikes with moving arms

Warranty & Guarantee

The AirBike warranty includes:

  • Parts: 2 Years
  • Labor: 1 year
  • Frame: 5 years


The AirBike is one of the best exercise bikes you can get for less than one thousand dollars. It's suitable for almost all users, and it's one of the most durable models on the market. Not only can it be used for light rehab, but it also has a long life, as the unlimited resistance will adjust to your levels of exertion. The AirBike is suitable for commercial fitness centers and homes alike. 

The AirBike is perfect for serious workout enthusiasts that want a long-lasting piece of equipment to add to their home gym. While it isn’t cheap, its long list of advantages should outweigh the negatives. The AirBike will last a long time, it won’t break down unexpectedly, and it will always provide you with a desired level of resistance.

To summarize, anyone who wishes to take their exercise routine to the next level may want to consider purchasing the Assault AirBike. Whether a beginner or an experienced athlete, the Assault AirBike provides the perfect balance of high-intensity workouts and reliability. Great fitness equipment.

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