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The Top 5 Folding Exercise Bikes of 2022

You might have considered buying an exercise bike for your home gym many times, but one concern might have caused you some trepidation: where to put it?

Folding exercise bikes provides a practical solution to the space problem so that you can practice your cardio even if you're living in a small room or apartment. Biking is one of the most economical and effective ways to exercise.

There a quite a few options when it comes to space-saving cardio equipment, so it can be challenging to find the right machine for your needs. In this article, I'll break down some of the top options:


Easy to store when not in use, the best folding exercise bikes can help improve health and fitness through intense cardio workouts. Each bike has different pros and cons, so let's get started!

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

The Exerpeutic Folding Bike is always one of the first models mentioned when it comes to bike exercise. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds (75 pounds more than similar bikes), and features a high torque 3-piece crank system to promote smooth pedaling motion.

Similar to the Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike, this model is easy to mount and dismount. You can enjoy a large padded seat cushion for users of any size. To keep track of your heart rate with the hand pulse sensors built into the handlebars. On the large LCD display, you can track numerous items, including calories burned, distance, time, speed, scan, and pulse. 

This foldable bike comes with an 8-level magnetic tension control system, allowing you to increase or decrease intensity as you require.

Because this bike has a precision flywheel and V-belt drive, you can enjoy smooth and quiet operation while riding. It won't disturb the people around you as you use it, nor will it interfere with your television viewing experience.

As you already knew, this bike can fold for secure storage, but it also includes wheels at the base so you can move it without difficulty. This model and the Exerpeutic Gold 525 XLR, are some of the most popular bikes in this category.

  • Type of Resistance - Magnetic Resistance
  • Weight Limit - 300 lbs
  • Bike Size - 31” x 19” x 46”
  • Portability - Includes Wheels
  • Bike Weight - 39 lbs


  • Small, but sturdy and solid design
  • Folds, scissor-style to save space
  • Comfortable, adjustable seat
  • Simple assembly
  • Smooth and quiet during use


  • Resistance might not be strong enough for some users
  • Some have complained about the quality rubber pedal straps

XTERRA Fitness FB350

XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

XTERRA is a trendy brand when it comes to the best folding exercise bikes. I have already written extensively on the FB150 model, but here, I would like to highlight the slightly more expensive version called the FB350. This bike was created to maximize your use of space while proving an effective workout. It comes with padded handles with mounted hand-pulse sensors for keeping track of your heart rate levels.

The console on this machine is easy to use, allowing you to track all the necessary information, including distance, time, space, calories, and pulse. With the large dial knob, you can adjust the bike for 8 different resistance levels. An accessory pocket is attached to the body to contain objects such as your phone.

Unlike some other bikes, this model has a seat with a padded lower back. There are multi-grip padded handlebars on both sides of the seat for support. The 3.3-pound balanced flywheel provides quiet and smooth operation, you can get a workout without disturbing others. There are also transport wheels built into the machine for easy transport.

  • Type of Resistance - Magnetic resistance
  • Weight Limit - 225 lbs
  • Bike Size - 40.5" x 21” x 50.5”
  • Portability - Also Includes wheels at the base
  • Bike Weight - 42.3 lbs


  • Easy assembly
  • Space efficient and easy to move
  • Greater for shorter riders
  • Very comfortable seat


  • Resistance might not be intense enough for some users
  • The display is straightforward and low on features

PLENY 3-in-1 Total Body Workout Bike

PLENY 3-in-1 Total Body Workout Exercise Bike

Another great option in this list is the PLENY 3-in-1, for getting a quality cardio workout with limited space. This model comes with hand-pulse monitors built into the handles. With the backlit display, you can view your fitness data even in darkly lit areas. Track information such as speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse.

This bike comes with more resistance levels than many other bikes in the same category. Use the adjustable knob to switch through 16 levels of magnetic resistance. Use the leg resistance bands to get a good stretch before starting your cardio, and use the arm resistance bands to work your upper body while pedaling.

Like the MaxKare model, the "3-in1" aspect of this bike's design has to do with the way you can change the format of a bike from a semi-recumbent to a foldable upright bike. The high backrest on the seat will provide support while cycling, allowing you to avoid back pain.

To keep your feet from striking the sides of the bike, the pedals come at the end of curved crank arms. They also come with shoe straps to keep your feet in place.

  • Type of Resistance - Magnetic resistance
  • Weight Limit - 300 lbs
  • Bike Size (Folded) - 21" x 22.8" x 53"
  • Portability - Transportation wheels and foldable design
  • Bike Weight- 52.8 (Shipping Weight)


  • Only takes 30 minutes to assemble and use
  • You use the resistance bands while cycling
  • LCD Screen is easy to read


  • The recumbent exercise position is a little far back from the screen
  • Meager resistance until the dial is turned up all the way

Sunny Health & Fitness Foldable Semi Recumbent Bikes 

Sunny Health & Fitness Foldable Semi Recumbent Bikes

What makes this bike notable is that you can use this exercise bike to do full-body workouts. While the bike itself can be used to cardio while you're at home, it also comes with resistance bands to help you build strength in your triceps and biceps. You can build up your legs with the leg resistance bands while maintaining a full range of motion.

By making some adjustments with the tension knob, you can increase the magnetic resistance levels of your workout. The belt drive system keeps the bike safe and low maintenance. While the adjustable foot pedal straps The multi-function digital monitor provides most of the same data you would expect: time, distance, speed, and workout time.

With an ergonomic seat and a device holder, your exercise time will be extra comfortable on this foldable upright. Enjoy your favorite entertainment while you work up a sweat. After, the folding design and transportation wheels make it easy to move this bike into storage between sessions.

  • Type of Resistance - 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Weight Limit - 265 lbs
  • Bike Size - 30.5" x 20.5" x 47.5"
  • Portability - Folds with transportation wheels
  • Bike Weight - 42.9 lbs


  • Large display with a sturdy design
  • The seat includes a backrest
  • Inexpensive machine
  • Quiet operation


  • If you're short, you may have some difficulty reaching the pedals with your feet
  • The seat is a little hard for some people

Choosing the Best Folding Exercise Bikes – Buyers Guide

  • Why buy Folding Exercise Bikes?
  • Considerations For Folding Exercise Bikes
  • Folding Exercise Bikes - Questions and Answers
  • Conclusion

Using an bike is one of the best kinds of cardio you can get from home. It can help you build up your stamina, and continued usage promotes weight loss.

Recommended by physicians, bikes exercise is a great way to strengthen your back and legs muscles. These kinds of bikes are also ideal for people living in the city who might not feel safe riding outdoors.

Why buy Folding Exercise Bikes?

Easy to Use

Folding exercise bikes that fold aren't challenging to mount and start pedaling. Having one of these models in your homes can save you a trip back and forth from the gym, and help you get some cardio in from the comfort of your home.

Requires Little Space

In comparison to an ordinary workout bike, the best bikes do not have an enormous footprint in your home. Most of these kinds of machines fold like scissors and can be rolled into storage after use. This is why a folding exercise bike is ideal for shared spaces or smaller apartments.


Every folding bike in this list is on the reasonable side. But if you're looking for a higher quality folding exercise bikes, there are options for almost every budget.

Multiple Uses

Folding exercise bikes allow you to do many different exercises when they include various kinds of band resistance for strength training. You can sit in the seat and pull on the bands to develop your back, biceps, and chest. Most folding exercise bikes also have adjustable levels of resistance, so you can get a more challenging workout.

Perfect for Beginners

Because of the advantages listed above, the best folding exercise bikes are perfect for people who are just getting started on a routine exercise. They can help you lose weight, without the requirement of spending a lot of money on a gym membership.


Many folding exercise bikes come with consoles with media shelves where you can place a device such as a Kindle, your iPhone, or Tablet computer. Having these kinds of items can make your workout much less of a slog.

Considerations For the Best Exercise Bike

While the sections above gave a fairly robust overview of the advantages of folding bikes. But you may be wondering what you should look for when it comes time to buy one of these machines. Here are some of the most pertinent considerations for a folding bike:


There is a wide variety of folding bikes out there, but you should look for one you can easily afford without too much stress. The cost should be the first thing for you to take note of before other features on a folding bike.

Fitness Level

The next thing you need to keep in mind is how much experience you've had in your fitness journey. When looking at every folding exercise bike, you should try to feel out what level of magnetic resistance is available and the folding bike would be best for. Also, how often do you plan to use it? Your bike and its seat should withstand the wear and tear of continued use.

Weight Capacity

The next important factor is the weight capacity of the folding bike. While some bikes can only support 350 lbs, others can support as much as 400 lbs. Granted, very few bikes on this list could support more than 400 lbs.

Adjustable Height

Different users have different needs when it comes to the height of the foldable exercise bike. Make sure to check the height adjustment features each folding exercise bike has. You might also want to check the reviews to see what kind of experiences users of different heights have had.

Seat Comfort

The seat is the next thing that you might want to check. Just from reviewing each seat for every folding bike on this list, you'll see that not all of them have back support. And some of them have been considered more comfortable than others.

You don't want a bike with a seat that is too uncomfortable. Otherwise, you might be put off from using it as often as you should. Also, keep in mind that if the seat isn't to your liking, you might be able to replace it with a gel seat. There are many options when it comes to seats for a folding exercise bike.

Other Features

There are other additional features that you might consider when buying a folding exercise bike. Some of these items might be things you can live without, others might be non-negotiable. For example, many people want to make sure that they can use their tablets or phones on their bikes, so they're going to want an entertainment holder or shelf. Other people might prioritize hand pulse sensors to track your heart rate.


As you looking for a folding exercise bike, you're going to need to know how much space it takes when folding. The Exerpuetic Bike in the list above takes up the least space. You'll also want to be sure your bike comes with transportation wheels.


You can usually tell how heavy certain bikes are by looking at what kind of material has been used to build it. The most common and sturdy material is steel. As a more lightweight alternative, aluminum is also commonly used. The Exerpeutic is the lightest bike on my list with a weight of 39 pounds.

Easy Assembly

Most bikes aren't ready to be used out of the box, and you will have to spend the time to assemble them. The question of how easy or difficult it will usually depend on the quality of the included instructions.

All of the bikes I've included in this roundup review are relatively easy to assemble. Most all of them come with the included tools you might require in the box.

Another thing you're going to want to consider is the level of difficulty you might have folding or unfolding the bike when it comes time to use it. The Xterra Fitness Bike is especially easy in that regard.

best folding exercise bike

FAQs For Foldable Exercise Bikes

Are folding exercise bikes any good?

These kinds of bikes are ideal for people with little space because of their small footprint. They tend to be lightweight machines that can be moved easily. They're definitely better than nothing, and if you don't have space for a regular exercise bike, then they will do in a pinch.

What is the best foldable exercise bike?

It really depends on what your needs are. The top folding bike in this list is the Exerpeutic folding exercise bike.

What's the best folding exercise bike for a short person?

The XTERRA Fitness FB350 is ideal for a shorter person. These upright bikes will allow your legs to reach the pedals, and you should have no trouble adjusting the levels of magnetic resistance.

What's the best folding exercise bike for a tall man?

Sunny Health & Fitness Foldable Semi Recumbent Bikes should be suitable for taller users. However, most folding bikes are not ideal for men over the height of 6 feet. If that's you, be very careful to check the reviews to see if it will be suitable for someone of your stature. Not only might you be concerned with too small of an area to achieve a full range of motion, but the magnetic resistance also might still not be enough for you. Carefully read the details before purchase.

What the best folding recumbent bike?

MaxKare 3 in1 can be used in a recumbent position as well as an upright position. This bike has decent magnetic resistance that should not prevent you from getting a quiet workout. For more information on this model, check my review above.

What are the advantages of biking indoors?

Though outdoor biking allows you to enjoy a variety of different environments, indoor bikes have unique benefits of their own. Here are some of the most notable benefits of biking indoors:


When using an indoor exercise bike, you're not going to have to worry about getting caught out in the rain or getting hit by an inattentive driver. You can ride your bike night or day without concern about many issues. And there's no need to have to take your bike to a trail when you can exercise indoors, saving time and effort.

Tracking Data

There are certain features available on an indoor exercise bike that traditional outdoor bikes don't have. For example, most exercise bikes come with a digital monitor loaded with programs to track items such as distance, time, speed, and calories. You can take a look at the features of the top-rated bikes above to find out which one is right for you.


With varying resistance levels, an indoor bike allows you to modify your exercise experience to your liking. It is not so easy to control the resistance levels when going over different kinds of terrain outdoors. Sometimes you might be going uphill, sometimes downhill. Sometimes the ground is bumpy. All of these problems are resolved with indoor bikes.


Another important consideration is that biking indoors removes most of the dangers that come when riding a bike alongside traffic. Not all communities are bike-friendly. If you live in a city with roads that leave little space for you to be able to ride safety, an indoor bike might be ideal.

Time to Start Pedaling!

When you own this kind of equipment, getting in shape is painless and easy. Not only will you save the time you might have spent traveling back and forth from the gym, but you may also feel more motivated to get your sweat on.

However, to get the maximum benefit from your purchase, you need to find out if the bike you buy is the right one for you. That's why it's so crucial that you educate yourself on the potential differences before purchase.

Buying a foldable stationary bike can provide support for many different kinds of fitness goals, from endurance training, rehabilitation, weight loss, or relaxing the muscles. All of these advantages of a folding stationary bike are afforded to you right in the comfort of your home with folding bikes.

I hope this guide gave you all the information you'll need to make an informed purchase and start exercising. Have a great workout!

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