The Gazelle Edge by Tony Little Is it Right for You?

gazelle edge

If you’ve ever seen fitness personality Tony Little on TV plugging the Gazelle Edge, you might wonder if the exercise machine is effective or not. There are always new kinds of novelty fitness items coming out. Does this thing actually work? Well, from my evaluation of the product, I believe so! 

One of the things that makes this machine so attractive is that it provides a more invigorating workout experience than say, running on a treadmill or using an exercise bike. It makes workouts less of a chore by providing a total body workout. In this article, I will break down all of the details about this interesting exercise system so you can decide whether or not it will be right for you. 

Gazelle Edge Analysis

This glider is an affordably-priced machine providing low-impact cardiovascular and light resistance workouts. Targeting your lower and upper body simultaneously, you can burn calories and lose weight. 

As this glider is lighter and more compact than other models, it can be folded for easy storage. It supports a weight capacity of 350 pounds with a 1 ½ rolled steel frame. The Gazelle is suitable for users of all fitness levels, providing a quiet, smooth, low-impact ride. Keep in mind that if you are already fairly fit, this machine won’t feel like much of a challenge. The Gazelle Edge also includes a fitness monitor where you can track your workout stats to plan your workouts.

How many Calories can you Burn on the Gazelle Edge?

It depends on your current weight, fitness level, and how hard you exert yourself when you use it. Taking all of these factors into account will impact how many calories you can burn when using the Edge.

On average, a person weighing 120 pounds will burn approximately 520 calories per hour while working at a brisk pace. At the same intensity, someone weighing 150 pounds will burn about 650 calories and hour. A person weighing 200 pounds should burn around 840 calories for every 60 minutes of exercise on the Gazelle Edge. 

How many hours will I have to exercise each week before I see results?

Done consistently, 3 twenty-minute sessions should be enough for you to start seeing the benefits. The more you use it, the faster you will see results, improve body shape, and lose weight.

Because the Gazelle delivers very low impact workouts, it’s not likely that you will overexert and injure yourself by using it. You can easily extend your session length or the frequency with which you use it without any negative consequences.

What kind of exercises can I do? 

Multiple exercises can be done on the Gazelle Glider, all variations of the Basic Glide. 

A Basic Glide involves standing with both of your feet on either platform and moving them back and forth. You do this while holding the machine’s handlebars which move in an inverse direction to your feet as your legs swing back and forth. As though you are swinging your arms while striding along, these movements are very similar.

The Wide Glide is a similar exercise though it takes longer strides to complete. Even more challenging is the High Glide, with which you extend your arms and legs as far as possible while increasing your pace. 

Interval Training on the Gazelle Edge

If you are more experienced, you might want to try interval training, or “power sprints.” This is a more challenging workout. 

Power sprints require you to warm up first. You start by going for as hard as you can for thirty to ninety seconds before slowing down to regular pace for about a minute or two. Afterwards, you want to alternate this sequence, going from high intensity to low, you will burn more calories. Check out my guide on High Intensity Interval Training here.

Which Muscles are Targeted by the Gazelle Edge?

Some of the muscles targeted by the Gazelle Edge include triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, gluts, quads, hamstrings, core, and calves. All of the major muscle groups in the upper and lower body are employed.

Are there any other benefits?

Other potential benefits of using the Gazelle workout machine include reduced body fat, higher energy levels, toned muscles, and improved endurance.

Is the Gazelle Edge suitable for users who haven’t exercised before?

The Gazelle Edge Glider is ideal for people who are new to cardio and unused to having a workout routine. Though you are moving at a slow pace, you will increase your heart rate, improve your muscle tone, and burn calories. As you develop your exercise habit, you can increase your speed and start putting in a little more effort. 

Exercise DVDs

tony little exercise dvd

The Gazelle has a number of exercise DVDs that can give your workouts structure. While most are focused on cardio, there are some that focus on cardio plus muscle toning. 

I recommend Tony Little’s Gazelle Freestyle Advanced Total Body Buttkick’n Workout DVD. This DVD is great for getting you motivated, and Tony’s enthusiasm is contagious. 

The workouts are suitable for exercisers of all levels and fun to do. This is a great way to have an enjoyable time using your Gazelle Edge. 



A display panel shows your distance, time, speed, and calories burned.

Low-Impact Exercise

The Gazelle Edge provides a low-impact workout that is safe to use if you suffer from ankle, knee, or hip problems. Just remember, if you have joint issues, make sure to consult a doctor before undertaking a new exercise program.

Smooth Motion

With a very smooth, fluid motion, the Gazelle Exercise Machine provides the same level of performance you might from other exercise gliders at a much lower price. When transitioning from a slow walk to a fast-paced run, the swinging sensation feels natural, easy, and comfortable. 

Secure and Comfortable

The handlebars are covered in high-density foam that is easy to grip, even while you are sweating. The non-skid, extra-wide foot platforms provide comfortable and stable workout sessions. 


The Gazelle Edge is a basic glider that should be affordable for most budgets. Though it lacks some features that you’ll find on other exercise machines, it does the job appropriately. 

Easy Assembly

After your machine is shipped your home, you’ll find that it comes partially assembled. You will find everything you need inside the box to complete the construction, apart from a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Easy Storage

Because the Gazelle Edge isn’t heavy, you can easily lift it and take it where you want to go. Because it’s compact and can be folded, you can easily store it in your closet or under your bed. 


This Gazelle Edge comes with a 12-month warranty.


Resistance Level Can’t be Adjusted

You can’t make adjustments to the resistance levels of the Gazelle, which means that if you want to increase your workout intensity, you’ll just have to push yourself to work harder to make your goals. While this kind of exertion is great for increasing your heart rate and improving cardiovascular health, it doesn’t do much for building muscles. 

Some people recommend using elastic bands around the machine’s handlebars to increase resistance. This might make a good DIY solution. 

Weight Limit

The Gazelle Edge Glider is only suitable for use by people who weigh 250 pounds or less.

Basic Computer

While the workout stats shown are handy, the Gazelle Edge lacks some programs that are standard with more expensive models.

Gazelle Edge Glider Specs

Folded dimensions – Folded, it measures 66″ L x 29 1/4″ W x 8 1/2″ H

Dimensions – Assembled, the Gazelle Edge measures 43″ L x 29 1/4″ W x 53 3/4″ H

User weight – The upper user weight limit for this model is 250 lbs

Weight – This exercise glider weighs 45 lbs

Gazelle Freestyle by Tony Little

gazelle freestyle

Another possibility if you’re looking for a glider with a higher user-weight capacity, the Gazelle Freestyle might make a suitable alternative. 

The Gazelle Freestyle has power pistons along with all of the great features of the original model. This makes it ideal for anyone looking for something more challenging and intense. 

Supporting a weight limit of up to 300 pounds, the Gazelle Freestyle comes with two workout DVDs, including the Total Body Workout, Tony Little’s Quick Shape Workout. Other great features include a nutrition guide, an exercise chart, a heart rate monitor, and a 22-ounce water bottle.


gazelle edge

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced piece of fitness equipment that folds and doesn’t take up too much space, the Tony Little Gazelle Edge Glider might be exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re new to exercising regularly, or if you’re on a budget, this is the kind of workout equipment you can invest in without regret. 

After building up a habit of using the device regularly, you might come to look forward to using it every day, as it isn’t a standard kind of workout. And as you come to see results, you will be happy that you put in the effort. 

Light enough to be folded and stored, the Gazelle Edge provides an effective, low impact workout. It takes less than half an hour to take it out and get it ready for use.

The smooth, comfortable ride the Gazelle Edge Glider delivers, more than makes up for its lack of fancy extras.  In fact, having so few parts, there is less that can go wrong during assembly or use of the machine.

Despite a lack of fancy extras, the Gazelle Edge Glider delivers a comfortable, smooth workout. In having fewer parts, there is less of a chance of something going wrong or the machine needing maintenance right away. 

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