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The Best Mini Trampoline for Rebounders of 2020

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For low-impact aerobics for adults, everyone, from fitness experts to NASA, has recommended mini-trampolines. Though there has been some disagreement as to whether it is as effective as running or more strenuous activities, one thing is for certain: it is one way to at least get some aerobic exercise. On a mini trampoline, you can improve your balance, flexibility, and most importantly, have fun, indoors, or outside. In this roundup review, I will share some of the best, high quality, fitness trampolines you can get for the money.

1. BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline

This fitness trampoline mini comes with a foldable design, which reduces it to one-fourth of its original size. You can easily store it under your bed or in your closet. This model also comes with an adjustable foam handle, so it can be used by children or adults.

Because of the closed spring design, you don't have to worry about accidentally coming in contact with any sharp pieces of metal. To prevent slipping the trampoline is coated with rubber. The PP Mat is also made out of a waterproof material that is easy to clean. As a BCAN product, it includes a 1-year warranty, covering the safety pad, mat, frame and handle, and after-sale customer service.

From the people that have used this trampoline, some have said the rebounding motion could be a little more smooth. Some have had experiences with the stability bar wobbling a bit. Because the legs on this unit screw on and off, it can take time to break the trampoline down completely to put into storage.

This is one of the best products for someone interested in an affordable trampoline for rebounding. While there have been reports of defects from some users, most have given the unit satisfactory ratings. It's a great unit for 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day, providing you with some exercise in a very fun way. 


  • Easy to install, sturdy springs, and practical design
  • Provides fun and a great workout at home
  • Comes with good customer service rating and support


  • Some would prefer if the trampoline was a bit more springy
  • Some have reported faulty metal springs that broke after a few weeks

2. MOVTOTOP Foldable Mini Trampoline Rebounder, Indoor Fitness Trampoline

This foldable mini trampoline comes with 32 tight, rustproof springs, that have been improved with unique technology. Supported by 6 durable stainless steel legs with anti-slip feet, you can jump with confidence. This equipment has a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds. Included with this trampoline is an anti-slip surface, as well as safety padding to prevent injuries. The adjustable handle provides 3 options for height, so this trampoline can be used by anyone.

While users say the trampoline is great for the living room in front of the TV, some users have reported that the legs have a tendency to loosen, so have to make sure they are secure before jumping on. Others have said that the stability bar is sometimes an impediment to easy storage, despite the ability to fold the unit. Another criticism comes from the quality of the instructions included with the equipment.

Most people who have bought this trampoline have been satisfied with their purchase. They say it's reasonably sturdy, easy to put together, and a good weight. It's great for doing old exercises as well as new ones. 


  • Great for exercising in the middle of winter
  • Silent and sturdy operation
  • Also great for kids to enjoy


  • More than one user has expressed challenges with the legs and the fragility of the springs

3. MaxKare Double Mini Trampoline

This MaxKare Double Mini Trampoline is suitable for both kids and adults. To increase safety, this model comes furnished with a padded handlebar in the middle. You can also detach the stability bar, depending on how you want to exercise. Also included is padding to keep your feet from making too much noise as you jump, so you can let your kids jump on it without fear of disturbing the neighbors.

With a triple-action foldable design, it's easy for you to break down and put the trampoline in storage. Constructed out of high-quality prime steel and non-slip PP materials, you can enjoy this model for an extended time.Though some have said that the trampoline springs aren't very bouncy, most have claimed that the trampoline is very sturdy. The bar in the middle means that it can be used by more than one person as well.

Some have had a little trouble assembling, but after watching videos from the manufacturer, most have found that it isn't difficult to assemble. This trampoline for people with families that want to exercise in the living room of their homes. Many have expressed satisfaction in allowing young children to play on it, and when they're not around, using it themselves. 


  • Best product for the whole family
  • Lightweight to carry 
  • Protective cover to prevent pinching


  • So far, there haven't been many complaints, save that for very small children, it might be difficult for them to bounce 

4. MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder

This model is considered a high-performance trampoline. Supporting a weight limit of up to 310 pounds, this model offers a low impact workout to help you burn calories, and even includes a workout DVD to help you train. When not in use, you can easily fold this trampoline into quarters for easy storage.

Also included with this trampoline are resistance bands and sand weights, which makes this product a complete home gym package. This trampoline isn't meant to be a toy. It has been built out of high-quality components, with giant, calibrated springs and a double-stitched non-slip mat.

This trampoline is heavy-duty, and though it folds, it still isn't light. So, taking it from place to place might not be practical depending on who you are. Though this is a very strong model, some have complained that the strings have been squeaky. So, exercising on this trampoline might make more noise than you had anticipated.

This is the model you should go for if you want an industrial-strength rebounder trampoline. It's very sturdy, comes with a helpful DVD to help you get the most out of it your equipment, and is constructed from quality materials that were built to last. This trampoline was made more for adult exercise than it was for children to play on. So, if you want to share your trampoline with your children, you might look for a different model.


  • Comes with great accessories: good instructional materials and resistance bands
  • Extremely sturdy and strong
  • Built of quality materials that were meant to last


  • Some have complained of squeaking springs
  • Though it folds, it isn't easy to move.

5. JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

This trampoline was designed to provide a quiet and comfortable level of bounce for all users with a reduced impact on your joints. The large padded edges provide for an extra-large, non-slip jumping surface, so you can do several different kinds of exercises. Back-to-front, side-to-side, you can use the whole surface with confidence. The patented arched legs resist tipping, provide stability, and make storage easier.

Because the JumpSport 250 comes almost fully assembled, you can start bouncing moments after opening the box. Bouncing on this trampoline is also very quiet, so you should be able to use it without bothering anyone else. Also included with this purchase are premium bungee cords. Attach the two bungee cords to add a little more resistance to your workout.

While most people feel that this one of the best fitness trampolines, one of the biggest complaints has to do with a lack of a good warranty. While the bungee cords are nice accessories, they aren't going to last forever, so expect they will be worn out eventually. The steel frame and legs have a lifetime warranty, while the elastic cords and mat are only covered for two years.


  • May last longer than other trampolines on the market
  • Easy to build, just put on the legs and you're ready to go
  • Very quiet; use it in an apartment without fear of noise


  • Does not come with a stabilizer bar, though it can be purchased separately

What are the benefits of rebounding?

There are many notable benefits derived from rebounding. Mini trampolines have become a more and more popular way for sedentary adults to get some exercise. Some of the mentioned health benefits of using a rebounder include lymphatic drainage, boosting immune function, thyroid stimulation, stimulating the endocrine and adrenal systems, and improving the cardiac system's function.

Rebounding doesn't involve very high jumps. Instead, you only jump a few inches off the trampoline. Because of this, you shouldn't need to use nets, and adults using them should be less at risk of injury than children or teens when using trampolines. 

How to stay safe on your rebounder?

Children should not use rebounders without supervision, and when they do, they shouldn't be allowed to bounce too high on them. Limbs could potentially get caught in the spaces between the springs and the frame, and jumping too high could cause slips. Always follow the best rebounding safety rules.

Every fitness trampoline listed in this roundup review has a stabilizing bar or is compatible with one. The bar can add an extra dimension to your rebounding exercise, as it makes use of your arms and not just leg muscles. 

How to compare the impact and bounciness of rebounders?

One thing to take note of is that different people have different experiences with the same rebounder. Your weight the way you jump, existing pains, all of these things will shape your experience different than other peoples'.

The best thing you could do is try different kinds of trampolines to find out which ones feel best to you. When you know what each kind of rebounder feels like, you can make a better-informed decision on which one to purchase. 

Questions and Answers

Is a rebounder the same as a mini trampoline?

Rebounders tend to be a little smaller than a mini-trampoline. While mini trampolines tend to stay where they are after they're set up, rebounders are built to be more portable. You can easily take rebounders from one room another and put them away for easy storage.

Who should not use a rebounder?

People who have problems with their joints, their back, or their feet should not be jumping on a rebounder or an exercise trampoline. If you're over 50, have bad circulation, heart problems, or other kinds of injuries, you will definitely want to consult a doctor before using this kind of equipment. 

Should you wear shoes will on a rebounder?

You should practice bouncing without shoes. The reason why is that you lose some of the benefits derived from exercising on a rebounder when you wear sneakers. You lose the stimulation of your sensory receptors and proprioceptors on the soles of your feet.

How long does it take to see results from rebounding?

On average, most people tend to see results within less than a month if they are engaged in an aggressive plan. When engaged in moderate intensity, you should see results within two weeks to two months. But this all comes down to the amount of intensity in your workout, your current weight, and your physical condition.

Does rebounding help with cellulite?

Rebounding, unfortunately, does not help with cellulite, but it can help with your weight management. However, while you bounce, you can tone various parts of your body. Though it won't reduce cellulite, there are many more benefits that come with exercising on a rebounder.

How long should you use a rebounder?

Exercising on a rebounder for ten minutes a day is generally a good amount of time when first starting these kinds of exercises. As you get more experienced, you might start increasing that time to twenty minutes, or even thirty minutes. It really depends on the intensity of your exercise and how much stamina you have for continuing. 


Trampolines and rebounders can be a lot of fun. They're definitely helpful for adults that want to get doing something a little different than what is usual in the fitness world. Though there are a wide variety of different rebounders and trampolines to choose from, I feel that one of the best models on this list is the JumpSport 250

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