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The 10 Best Ab Machines for Home Use of 2023

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Whether you want to tone your muscles, lose the flab or sculpt your belly to a perfect specimen, there are many ways to get it done. Lying on a balance ball or doing push-ups works. Whatever kind of core workout you choose, it will help strengthen and tone your core and back muscles.

But if you want to speed things up and get better results, you should invest in an high quality ab machine. It is important to note that a machine alone won’t help you get a flat stomach. Stomach exercise machines are only part of the battle. 

You still may need to change up your diet and do more cardio workouts. With that in mind, below are ab trainer reviews to help you find the top ab machines for home and the best gym machines for core:

10. Kamileo Ab Roller Wheel: Best Ab Machine for a Budget

This is an example of abs equipment as seen on TV that actually work. An ab roller is one of the least expensive options for turning your bedroom into a home gym. You can use this equipment to work out to do cardio, build your stamina, and work your abs and core. The included bands add the element of adjustable resistance.

This 5-in1 ab rollers set comes with a jump rope, core sliders, and resistance bands. With a two-wheel design, this ab wheel is more stable than the singular counterparts. The included core sliders can be used with the wheel, or on their own. Using the sliders, you can engage your core muscle groups. 

As an intelligent addition to this ab machine, there is also a knee pad to protect from injury. Made from high-density foam you’ll have maximum protection while exercising. Using all of the included items along with the exercises guide, you can achieve a full-body workout for a low price. 

9. Vanswe Adjustable Ab Bench

This adjustable ab bench was created to target so much more than abs! You can try different exercises such as shoulder presses, dumbbell curls, bench presses, dips, and more. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel with a scratch-resistant, powder-coated finish, this bench was built to last.

For comfort, this ab bench comes with a high-density back foam cushion and two thigh foam cushions to reduce discomfort when exercising. When doing back extensions, you can lean over the 2-inch thick cushions that support the midsection. You can either use the flat setting for the bench or one of the 3 decline back pad positions for doing sit-ups or push-ups. 

Also included with this piece of equipment are footplates for doing exercises such as back extensions and roman chair side bends. Protect your back and neck while working your muscles. Because this bench can be used for so many purposes, it makes ideal for a home gym where you might have limited space. There is no requirement for weight plates to use these ab machines.

8. Ab Coaster Max: Best for Building Core Strength

As seen on TV, the ergonomic design of the Ab Coaster Max allows you to work your upper, middle, and lower abs, all while sculpting your obliques. This best rated abdominal exercise tool works by kneeling and using the grips and your stomach to pull yourself up the track. See? Just like a roller coaster. This is one of the ab exercise machines that really work

Not only will your abs get the workout you’re looking for, your arms and shoulder will also be engaged. The kneepad will keep your legs comfortable and the shape of the track prevents strain on your lower back.

Made from all steel, the Ab Coaster Max is a high-quality machine. It’s gliders are made from nylon for a soft grip, while the steel rails and bearings will keep the machine sturdy for years of use.

These heavy duty weighted ab machines are a great choice if you're serious about results. It allows you to increase resistance by adding plates that are included in the package. You also receive a DVD, demonstrating different workout programs.

7. U.S. Jaclean USJ-804 Rodeo Core

If you need to get yourself something to exercise from home, you might consider getting yourself the Rodeo Core trainer. As seen on TV, this machine will fit in your home because with a compact and lightweight design that takes up little space.

The best equipment should not occupy a lot of space, and moving the Rodeo Core from one place to the next does not require a lot of effort. You could get yourself the Rodeo Core to tone your core muscles since it provides you with total body workout. You can rely on it to reshape your stomach, waist, back, and thighs by engaging your core and upper body.

With a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds, it is easy to get results. Moreover, it requires no electricity; you just use your weight and motion, and you're good to go. Another impressive detail is that it has three height variations, allowing you to adjust it according to your size. Moreover, it has a reversible forward and backward motion.


  • It's easy to use
  • Good price
  • The equipment provides a total body workout
  • It's compact and lightweight


  • The seat is a little uncomfortable
  • It can be a bit noisy

6. Goplus Core & Abdominal Trainers: Best Ab Machine for Training Obliques

This workout machine ab builder is specially target your oblique's and core as well as the upper body.

When it comes to affordability, this trainer is incredibly cheap one doesn't have to spend a lot of money to getting the perfect stomach. The manual gives clear, easy-to-follow directions on how to set up this bad boy. 

It only weighs 10 pounds, which makes it very easy to store away when not in use. Another notable feature of this model is that it comes with instructional videos and a meal plan, both of which are easy to follow.

This eliminates the need to pay for expensive workout CDs or go to the gym. The backrest has padded massage rollers pivot your body while the padded swivel seat does a good job of strengthening and toning your core.


  • Three types of workouts for all levels
  • Comfortable
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Affordable


  • Very little difference between the springs

5. Total Crunch: Best Ab Machine for Custom Workouts

This all-in-one core and ab workout machine features an innovative, sleek design with twelve hydraulic tension levels. This allows you to start your workouts light and increase resistance gradually.

It is designed to use the entire body to push and pull consistently, hence creating an intense compound system. As s result, this strengthens and tones more than just your core. 

It only weighs 24 pounds, which makes it easy to put away after use. It comes with a steel frame and can carry individuals of up to 255 pounds. Another impressive feature is the robust hydraulic cylinder and padded seat that allows for comfortable workouts.


  • It strengthens and tones the whole body
  • 12 resistance levels
  • Lightweight


4. Perfect Fitness Crunch: Best for Crunches

If you want to up your crunch game, the Perfect Fitness Crunch will help you get it done. It is an ab rocker designed to target your core by ensuring that crunches are done right.

This ab crunch machine as seen on TV comes fully assembled, it features a breathable mesh canopy that provides adequate support for the shoulders, neck, and head when performing crunches.

You can also flip this bad boy and use it for dips and pushups. It is perfect for all fitness levels, a great part of your workout routine, and a must have in your collection.


  • Can be flipped for pushups, dips and total body workouts
  • Breathable mesh canopy helps reduce strain on head and neck
  • Perfect for all fitness levels
  • Performing crunches has never been more effective or comfortable


  • Not the best option for those over five feet tall

3. Home Gym Exercise Fitness Machine & DVD AB Circle Pro Abs and Core New

Constructed using quality steel, this machine has three levels of resistance for all experience levels. Circular motion on this Ab Pro machine helps tone the core including lower and upper abs as well as the obliques.

A simple adjustment converts this to a bun, thigh and leg toning machine. Being a foldable machine, it can be easily stored in small spaces including under the bed or in a closet. 

Another impressive feature is the smooth, friction-free track that reduces strain on your back and knees. When you purchase, you also get the "Lose Your Love Handles" nutrition guide and "Express Workout" DVD.


Unfortunately, this machine could use knee padding. Some people have complained about awkward posture and screws falling off. All in all, it's a great investment for someone in need of an intense cardio workout in their home gym.


  • DVD and nutrition guide
  • Circular motion that targets your core
  • Three levels of resistance for varied workouts


  • Could benefit from knee padding
  • Awkward posture
  • Screws fall off easily


Also popular on TV, this small exercise equipment for abs was designed to strengthen the core and give your rock hard abs you always wanted. Compared to its predecessor, this model is more compact and allows for more portability. Unlike most workout equipment, there is no need to assemble this machine as it comes ready to use. 

It is built to target several muscles including biceps, triceps, calves, forearms, gluts, thighs, oblique's as well as the upper, middle and lower abs for the ultimate body workout. It has adjustable dual resistance, and the purchase also includes an Exercise DVD and Fitness Guide to get you started. This is one of the best ab machines and an inexpensive addition to any respectable home gym.


  • Designed to target the entire core and other muscles
  • Doesn’t require assembling
  • Durable


  • Too small for bigger people
  • Springs get weaker and squeak

1. Perfect Fitness Pro Ab Carver

I am not sure if I should refer to this wheel as a machine or not. However, I know that when it comes to powerful arms and the perfect ripped abs, the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro works your core tremendously. This ab roller eliminates the possibility of performing sit-ups and crunches wrongly for the maximum benefit. 

Compared to a cheap ab roller made out of plastic, the Ab Carver Pro model features a spring that powers the kinetic assist engine. The angled, ergonomic hand grips are a nice way to work the core as well as arm muscles.

Also included with the purchase is a 21-day, easy-to-follow instructions. And while the Ab Carver Pro is more expensive than most ab wheels, the extra features and build quality are certainly worth the money. This is the top of the line ab roller and it comes fully assembled. 


  • The Carver Pro comes with a 21-day digital workout plan
  • Comes with a limited 90-day warranty
  • Intensive abdominal and arm workouts
  • Carbon steel spring drives the rubberized wide wheel


  • It's expensive

FAQ - Ab Machines

Do Ab Stimulators Really Work?

Not really. As according to the FDA, no EMS devices have been proven to increase girth reduction, weight loss, or promote “rock hard” abs. Unfortunately, it seems these devices are mostly gimmicks.

Are rowing machines good for abs?

Rowing machines do cause contraction of the abdominals, while at the same time toning various muscles in legs, arms, and core. For examples of excellent rowing machines and other exercise equipment, click here.

Does the Ab Coaster work?

Yes, it works out all of your abdominal muscles and effectively promote core workouts. It will help you maintain proper form and do a far superior job than traditional ab exercises. It also is easier on the back than doing traditional sit-ups or crunches. 

The test found that the Ab Coaster really does engage and work those core muscles when the exercise is being done properly. It also proclaims to be easier on the back and neck than doing traditional sit-ups or crunches. This is definitely true about the neck.


After reading these machine reviews, you may be a little overwhelmed. With the fast paced life of the 21st century, finding time to go to the gym is nearly impossible for most people. Many would rather eliminate the cost of gym membership. I hope these recommendations help you get the results you're looking for.