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The 10 Best Push Up Bars of 2021 for Home Gyms

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The best push-up bars can be a great addition to your assortment of equipment in your home gym. While they all come with varying features, at the end of the day, they still provide effective workouts for building your chest. Using push up bars can help you tone, sculpt, and strengthen your chest, shoulders, arms, abs, and your back. They're easy to use, reduce strain on your wrists, and provide an easier way of working out.

Push-ups don't have to be painful when you have the right equipment on hand. Lucky for you, there are plenty of different products that will ensure that you get the best tools for your skill level and physical ability. So, to that end, I am going to highlight some of the best push-up equipment you can use in your home gym or on the go. These items will assist you in engaging different muscle groups, building muscle strength and growth, and helping you burn fat. Now, here are examples of the best push up bars: 

Best Parallettes Bars

XTEK Versatile Parallettes

  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • Versatile and multi-use
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet
  • Height of 14.5 inches
  • Safe and easy to use

The XTEK Versatile Parallettes were made to provide versatility for the ultimate in-home exercise equipment for every member of the family to use. They provide for an intense abdominal workout and can adapt to be used for dips, push-ups, v-sits, tuck, planche, and handstand push-ups. They are constructed out of 2mm thick gauge steel to be durable for cross-fit training no matter the body size. These provide a workout for the chest, shoulders, back, arms, and abdominal muscles.

This is a larger piece of push-up bar equipment in height and size and has a wide base that can get in the way when changing positions during the workout. Be aware of your body position while working out so you do not bang yourself against the equipment.

The XTEK Versatile Parallettes are sturdy and multi-functional in use due to their size and durability and that is what makes them an essential part of in-home workout equipment for the entire family. These are good for the novice who wants to stay trimmed and toned and for athletes who need to stay in shape for their next big game. 


  • In-home exercise equipment - great for the whole family
  • Versatile and Multi-purposed - great for cross-fit training
  • Durable and sturdy - weight provides for more stability


  • Size - big feet get in the way when working out

Best Rotating Push Up Bars

Elite Sportz Push-Up Bars

Elite Sportz Push Up Bars
  • Rotating base with steel ball bearings
  • Bars were made from quality materials
  • Less wrist strain
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fully assembled

The Elite Sportz Push-up Bars are made for strength training the upper body. They rotate which helps to reduce wrist strain and provide for a more comfortable workout. The rotation in the base allows you to maneuver to different angles that help work for various muscle groups in the chest, arms, back, and abdomen. You can work out with confidence and have no fear of them slipping. They come fully assembled and are light in weight. You can transport them wherever you go.

You may find the rotating handles to be a bit uncomfortable due to them being made from a hard plastic material. If this is the case put on a pair of exercise gloves to alleviate any discomfort. Also, if you find the base moving a bit when you are working out just move it to a better floor surface for the product to prevent slippage.

The Elite Sportz Push-up bars are designed for individuals who are focused more on upper body strength and more solid core strength. This product does help reduce wrist injury and strain due to the rounded angles on the handle for ease of gripping and base rotation that provides for a non-resistant strain on the wrists. Less strain on the wrist provides for a more intense and fuller workout of all the muscle groups. 


  • Lightweight and Portable - great for on-the-go
  • Non-skid - do not have to be concerned with slipping
  • Comfortable for the wrist - makes for a longer workout


  • Hard, plastic handles - option: wear workout gloves

Push Bars Essential Floor Equipment

  • Rotating base for natural movement
  • Wide handlebar hand grips
  • Safe non-toxic materials
  • Complimentary guide and e-book included

The SmartSports Push-up Bars are essential floor equipment for the ultimate chest workout. They help to elevate your bodyweight training through resistance. Each steel ball allows for rotation and adjustments that provide a wider range of upper body workouts. These push-up bars are designed for toning, defining, and strengthening the chest, arms, back, and abdominal muscle groups. They provide rubber traction and can be used on a variety of floor surfaces. They designed a wide, contoured handle that fits the hands of women and men comfortably.

There have been some issues with them creaking and moving some during a workout. The concerns were mainly from men whose weight class was between 160 and 200 pounds. They felt they were not durable enough due to the hard, plastic material that they were made from to hold their weight and work smoothly.

The SmartSports Push-up Bars are designed for individuals who are more athletically focused on building muscle strength to optimize their performance while participating in sporting events such as swimming, biking, running, weightlifting, golfing, etc. Sports that require a significant amount of upper body strength. As some of the best push up bars, these are a lightweight and portable pack and go models and that fits well with workout needs, activities, and plans. 


  • Lightweight and Portable - throw in a bag and go
  • Rubber, non-skid base - usable on any floor surface
  • Wide, contoured handles - designed for male and female hands


  • Creaky and moves - depends on weight capacity

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

The Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite is another great addition to any home gym. They are designed to rotate slightly to engage more muscles and provide a fitness perfect push up. The ergonomic handgrips help to distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure on the wrist and elbows. With a smooth rotation and steel ball design, they were made to last. There are treads on the bottom to grip all floor surfaces. The Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite supports a 400-pound weight capacity, which makes it the best push up bars for using a weight vest.

The Best Push Up Bars

Withgear Folding Push-Up Bar

  • Portable and Durable
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Foldable design
  • High-quality finish
  • In-door/outdoor use

The Withgear Folding Push Up Bar is made of duralumin and provides a durability that holds up to 660-pound weight capacity. It is designed for maximum durability, lightweight portability, and easy assembling for indoor and outdoor use on all surfaces. The planned details of the push-up bar are for overall strength training of the muscles. The height allows room to work into a full handstand for more of a full weight resistance workout. They conveniently fold and come with their own carrying bag so you can work out wherever you want on any type of surface indoor and outdoor.

The concerns regarding this product are the cording bands on the inside that provides the ability to fold the legs for portability and easy assembling. It was felt that the cords would deteriorate over time and would shorten the lifespan of the product. The preference would have been steel pins rather than cording bands for assembly.

The details of the Withgear Folding Push-up Bar are designed for those who are more athletic and serious about their workout. It is the perfect product for gymnasts and more serious athletes of all ages to use at home and on the go to continue strengthening and developing their muscles in between regularly scheduled practices.


  • Durability - weight capacity of up to 660 pounds
  • Portability - folding legs for easy transport
  • Height - provides for full extension workout


  • Cording band - deteriorating over time

Juperbsky Push-Up Parallettes

  • Durable steel construction
  • Non-slip capped base
  • Wide, comfortable handle
  • Easy for travel
  • Versatile usage

The Juperbsky Push-up Parallettes provide for a more intensified workout and enhances the development of the chest, shoulders, and back muscles. There are a variety of exercises that can be done such as push-ups, dips, v-sits, and the full motion of a handstand. They are made of durable steel and designed with a wide base for maximum stability. The handles are designed to help eliminate wrist fatigue for an extended workout and a comfortable fit for any hand size.

There were a few customers who were not satisfied with the quality of the product that they had purchased. There were comments made regarding the welding making the grip alignment off-center and not receiving the item that was pictured. They were somewhat satisfied with the product but just a little disappointed when they received it.

The Juperbsky Push-Up Parallettes are designed for those who want the flexibility of movement and the durability of the product to build their strength with the focus being pectorals, deltoids, biceps, triceps, trapezius, and rhomboids. They provide for a wide range of motion that helps to define, strengthen, and build-up these muscle groups. The durability and portability allow them to be used for a more intense workout in-home or on the go. 


  • Enhanced development - intense workout
  • Wide base - maximum stability
  • Durable because made of steel


  • Quality - poor construction

CAP Barbell PushUp Bars

  • High-quality chrome plated to last
  • Handles come with slip-resistant foam
  • Includes hard rubber footpads

This pair of chrome-plated CAP Barbell PushUp bars from CAP help you improve your technique and positioning when exercising. With handles of soft, slip-resistant foam you can grip these bars without hurting your hands. Also included are and of hard rubber to reduce slippage and improve stability. The high-quality chrome frame supports your weight completely while you exercise. These bars are one of the more popular, affordable models out there.

In spite of the rubber feet, some people have still experienced sliding on carpet or hardwood floors when using these bars. Some have also experienced the movement of the soft foam grip on the bars, and for that reason felt they should use some fitness push gloves while working out.

These CAP Barbell PushUp bars were created for people that want a reliable product without spending too much. You get very solid products for a low price but temper your expectations. 


  • Will last you for a very long time
  • Using these force you to do full extensions for better results
  • Easy and straightforward to assemble


  • Some have had trouble with the foam handles slipping
  • The hardness of these particular bars can wear against the hands if you're not used to them 

Best Push Up Machine

Iron Chest Master PushUp Machine

The Iron Chest Master PushUp Machine is a revolutionary new kind of fitness push equipment that introduces resistance bands into the mix when exercising, so you can build your arms, chest, and shoulders. This machine has been shown to activate 58% more muscle than when using a bench press. Combining exercises such as dumbbell presses, cable crossovers, and dumbbell flies, this machine engages much more of your body. By providing support for the body's natural arc movement, you can develop a stronger and leaner chest.

This machine is portable and easy to store, so it will work as a way of exercising in a small home gym or in an apartment. 6 resistance bands are included with the machine, providing about 10 pounds of resistance each.

Though most have reported high satisfaction with this machine, there are a few drawbacks that you might take note of. The resistance bands can be prone to breakage after extended use. So, because of this, you're going to want to buy replacements in advance. 


  • Great design for a more effective pushup
  • You can increase resistance as you improve


  • You might have to replace the resistance bands

Beckford PushUp Bar

  • Supports 6 different chest exercises
  • Get a full range push up with this bar
  • Red handles with ball bearings create symmetry

This push-up bar was created to help you maximize your results when exercising your pecs, and core for the best chest workout that you can get in your home gym. With a sliding, patented motion, this machine provides linear motion technology with a smooth ball bearing system. Ideal for beginners and athletes, you can increase your strength, definition, tone, and sculpt. Because this machine is portable, you can easily use it in an apartment or while traveling in a hotel room.

Most people have been very positive about this equipment calling it one of the best push-ups bars. But like with any products, there have been some complaints. There can be some wear on the sliders over time. It is also not an ideal machine if you have problems with your wrists on the ball bearing system.

If you're looking for a sliding push up machine, this particular item has had very good feedback, and most users have reported that it has impacted the development of their chests in a positive way. This unit is moderately affordable, compact, and effective.


  • Versatile and affordable
  • Compact for easy storage


  • Can wear over time, but so can most push up bars

Power Press Original Push Up

With an original design, this Power Press Original Push Up System supports more than 30 different combo positions. You can use the multi-color positions to enjoy more push-up angles to maximize your muscle definition. It's a pretty simple system, just reposition the handle grips on the color coded board to engage the targeted muscles. You can also mix and match the position of the handles on the power press push up board for an extra challenge. 

Videos with Workout Bar Exercises

The Best Push Up Bar Benefits

You might have thought that only an athlete or a gymnast would do so many push-ups, but there are plenty of other benefits that you should consider with the best push up bars:

  • A bars push combines power and endurance
  • Provides the ability to train your whole body
  • You can target different muscles by changing arm widths
  • Provides balance training and stability
  • There are several push-up variations

Grip Width Variations

When evaluating the best push up bars, you need to know how the width of your arms may change which muscles are impacted by your exercise.

Usually, the best push up bars are used at the level of your shoulders. This is the regular positioning of the hands. But what if you want to change your hand positions?

There are seven ways to combine your grip and width positions. It means there are many different ways you can do push-ups. Arms and abdominal muscles are always involved.

Normal grip

When using a normal grip, you place your hands at the width of your shoulders. This exercise targets your chest muscles and triceps.

Narrow grip

Using a narrow grip, your hands are as close together as possible. This is one good way to isolate your triceps brachii, but it is the most difficult way to do a push-up.

Wider grip

Using this position, your hands are more than a shoulder-width apart. This position is effective for isolating your chest and shoulder muscles.

Hands level with your stomach

This is another way to isolate different muscles and increase the difficulty of the exercise.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Push Up Bars


There are many different materials used in the manufacture of push up bars, from metal to rubber. For world-class durability, you'll want to choose the model made out of steel. But if you're concerned about wrist pain, the best push up bars for you will likely be made out of rubber or plastic. The rubber grips provide durability, and if you can find foam covers for the handles, they're a great addition.


If you're on a very tight budget, you're going to want to focus on durability and longevity. You don't want a bar there is going to break easily. The best push up bars for affordability and durability are the CAP Barbell PushUp Bars.

Some push-up bars will also include workout materials like a DVD or online videos for suggested workout regiments to do with your new equipment.


If you're going to take your push up bar with you on the road, the best push up bars are those made of steel. A lack of durability can be an issue when carried long distances.

Your Training Space

Do you plan on using your push up bars in your home gym, in the garage, or while traveling?

Previous Injuries

Are you looking for push up handles or push up bars for wrist pain? If you have a history of wrist or elbow injuries, you're going to want to consult a medical professional before using any kind of equipment to press push your arms.

Do your health issues allow for mobility, or do you need to protect your wrists? The last thing that you're going to want is a chronic injury. 

Questions and Answers

Is it better to use push up bars?

Using the best push-up bars can enable an extended range of movement, meaning you will be able to lower your body further than you would when doing regular push-ups. This can make the exercise more challenging and therefore more effective in getting you the results you're looking for.

What is the point of push up bars?

The best push-up bars makes the simple exercise more challenging, allowing you to get more out of every rep. The push-up bars increase your range of motion. The science behind the results is simple: increasing your range of motion will make you stronger and build your muscles faster.

How many perfect pushups should I do per day?

You should aim to perform 100 perfect pushups every day, if possible. You can try doing sets of 5, 10, 15, and even 20 reps. One hundred perfect pushups over a 24 hour period may not seem like a lot, but by the end of one year, you'll have done at least 36,500.

What's the best push up position?

The correct position for a standard push-up is to position your hands a shoulder-width apart, or a little wider. As you bend your elbows and lower your body toward the ground, your elbows should be a 45-degree angle from your body. 

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