eliminate bloating

Eliminate Bloat & Lose Belly Fat

A No-Nonsense Way to Eliminate Bloat

Want to know the science behind a flat belly? Recipes, calorie tracking apps and studies are all presented this nine-minute video with more enthusiasm than I could ever muster.

Abby, the host, starts by answering people’s basic questions about “what’s keeping you from having a flat stomach.” Losing belly fat and reducing bloat are her key approaches.

The first question that she responds to is “what should I eat?” She displays a study that compares high sugar and low sugar diets. Abby sums it up with “it’s less about how you eat and more about how much you eat.”

Without pausing for a breath, Abby then jumps into demolishing the idea of eating small meals all day long. She shows how the digestive system takes time to cycle. Small meals break this cycle, leading to what she calls a “stinky roadblock” in the gut. Eww.

Then Abby shows an awesomely lazy recipe that I want to copy. To make burgers and fries, she squishes some beef into round shapes, shakes out some pre-made fries and puts all of it in a giant pan. An entire meal in one pan? I’m in.

Abby then explains that all detoxes do is make you poop. You can do this more naturally by simply drinking more water, eating fiber, and having the right meal size. Plus these methods also reduce bloat, leading to a flatter belly!

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