burn belly fat

Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

Need to burn belly fat? Here you go! ​

This short video introduces you to three ridiculously exhausting exercises. Minsoo Go, the instructor, demonstrates how to do each exercise and explains different alterations you can do to make it more difficult.

She starts with mountain climbers, which involve bringing your knees to your chest (alternating each side). This is the simplest exercise. She then shows a side kick through. Although these start in the plank position, the alterations rapidly get harder.

I was able to get to the point where I kicked a leg through and lifted one of my arms. Then she started jumping through her arms. I immediately fell over.

Apparently, I have some practicing to do. She ends with an explanation of burpees. There are three versions that she shows. The first is the simple jump out and jump back.

Then she adds the pushup for the second one. Then, she adds the high jump at the end for the third one. Minsoo was breathing heavily at the end of the video, and I was collapsed on the floor.

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