Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness

If you're looking for a fat burning cardio workout, try these. 

This 30-minute cardio workout is a great option if you want a workout that is physically tough but does not require you to learn a lot of moves. Your instructor, Kelly, starts the video with a quick explanation of the workout. Each set has two exercises, which are done for 40 seconds each. There are 15 seconds of rest between each exercise. Each set is repeated twice. This repetition makes the workout easy to learn. A male voiceover guides the workout, which starts with a short 2-minute warmup.

Every set has a "jack" activity. There are apparently seven different types of jumping jacks, though some involve unusual arm motions or lunging. The other activity in each set is a slight modification on a well-known move. For example, one of the moves is the typical plank position, but you are supposed to alternate slapping each shoulder.

My favorite thing about this workout is the countdown, so you know how much time is left in each activity. I also like the calorie counter. As the bar moves upward, I feel a sense of accomplishment. This longer workout ends with a nice stretching session.

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Stacy Russell says January 22, 2018

I love the workouts by Fitness Blender. Kelly is easy to follow. Also, I like that if my husband comes in the room I don’t have to worry that she might be barely dressed like some fitness videos. I’ve shared Kelly’s videos with many of my friends and they love them.

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