how to lose belly fat the fastest – Latin Dance

​Reduce belly fat with a latin dance aerobic exercises

If you have ever wanted to be a sexy Latin dancer, this may be the workout for you. This 30-minute video takes viewers through different dance moves. Steps include Samba and the Brazilian march.

The video runs through the moves at a pretty rapid pace, so it might take some practice to keep up. It's a nice format though because the teacher starts simple and then adds more complexity.

He introduces the step at a slower pace. Then he directs you to add arms. Then he steps up the pace to twice as fast. It's a progression in intensity and difficulty, which makes it easier to follow along.

Be prepared to swing your hips and jiggle your butt. It's labeled "sexy" for a reason. My hips ached after I finished this workout.

But I feel confident that I can break into a half-decent Samba if I ever feel the need. If you make it through the whole 30-minute workout, you don't have to stop.

There is a short 10-minute video at the end. It's an entirely different workout, led by a female instructor, though it still involves dancing.

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