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Workout and Tips

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Do We Have to go to the Gym?

Some people believe that the only way to get into shape is to pay for a gym membership. Naturally, right after New Year’s Eve, there is a surge in gym memberships all across the nation as people try to start their resolutions off on the right foot.

One expert found that resolutions tend to last about 17 days before people settle back into their old patterns of behavior. Life starts to get into the way and people stay out of shape.

If you believe that going to the gym is the only way to get fit, you could be setting yourself up for failure. During the times that you can’t make it out, you can make an excuse for not exercising; you can just say, “It wasn’t in the cards,” then, sit at home and watch Netflix.

By finding a way to get a workout at home, you can take much more control of your fitness future. Don't think of it as another chore, think of it as a lifestyle. It's not just something you have to do; it should be part of who you become.

After I had given birth to my daughter, I wasn't always able to find a babysitter when I wanted to hit the gym. After discussing it, my husband and I invested in a treadmill, and I made it a part of my daily routine.

Now I’m in the best shape I can remember since my early twenties, and I owe it all to working out at home.

Still not convinced that creating a home gym and investing in exercise equipment is the best choice for you? Well, here are a few things that might change your mind. Here are some of my recommended workout articles and health tips: 

The Availability of Free Online Resources

Some people explain that the reason that they go to the gym is so that they can work with a trainer to insure the results they're looking for. It's reasonable but super expensive.

Secondarily, if you can't take the time to learn the things that they know for yourself, it may indicate a low commitment to achieving your fitness goals.

But I digress. There are plenty of great free resources you can find online to help you get back into shape. YouTube is full to the brim with different kinds of excellent exercise routines. You can find great tutorials on Pinterest (search “exercise tutorial”), great videos and images on Instagram (search “fitness”).

There’s no excuse for not being able to find the information you require.If you’re interested in having a coach or trainer to hold you accountable for your results, you also have the option of an online trainer, which I’ll discuss in greater detail later.

You can Build a Home Gym Inexpensively

It doesn't have to require a huge investment to create a decent home gym. Expensive machines like treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes are nice to have, but not things that you must have if you want to stay in shape.

A few weights, a yoga mat, and some YouYube videos could be all you need just to get started. If you would like to add some better equipment to create the best home gym, you can find plenty of suitable recommendations here at Home Fitness Life. I’ve got you covered. 

Going to the Gym Sucks​

While I’ve had some good experiences with a membership at a health club, there are plenty of other unsavory things that turn me off from going.

​Gym Memberships are Overpriced

​The amount of money you have to shell out for some of these health clubs is simply out of control. They collect their subscription fees whether you make use of their facilities or not. And many clubs have rather exorbitant cancellation fees, which make it difficult to sign up or only pay for the time you use.

​You Have to Workout Around Other People

​It's great to have friends to meet up with at the gym or someone to talk to while doing a workout on an elliptical, but I don't like getting ogled by strange men at the gym. It can be an uncomfortable feeling to know the guy on the exercise bike behind he is staring at my backside. I don't go to the gym to get extra, unwanted attention.

​These are just a few of the reasons that I think putting together a decent home gym, and a workout routine should just be an option but a priority. Take a look at some of my other workout guides and tips above. I hope they help you get the slim and svelte figure you're looking for.